I've written two books:
My first book is titled Cancer Clinical Trials: Experimental Treatments & How They Can Help You. It was published in Septemer 1999 by O'Reilly and Associates as part of their Patient-Centered Guides series, and is now in its second printing. The book is available for purchase in association with

Cancer Clinical Trials tells you everything you need to know about finding and evaluating experimental cancer treatments. While I don't recommend any specific treatments, I believe that everyone with a diagnosis of cancer owes it to themselves to evaluate available clinical trials along with their other treatment options.

I deliver lectures and workshops around the U.S. on cancer clinical trials. Please contact me if you think you might like to have me present this workshop to your group.
My second book in O'Reilly's Patient-Centered Guides series was published in February, 2000. This one is titled Organ Transplants: Making the Most of Your Gift of Life. This book is available for purchase in association with

In Organ Transplants I tell the organ recipient, the potential organ recipient, and his or her family what to expect from this life-changing event. Transplant professionals like to say that a transplant does not restore a person to perfect health. On the contrary, the recipient is merely changing one serious medical condition for another. Transplant recipients need to cope with the lifetime responsibility of taking anti-rejection medications, many of which have significant side effects. They have to dodge the twin perils of infection and rejection. They have to deal with the emotional and financial consequences of transplant. Told from the medical consumer's point of view, Organ Transplants will help the recipient cope with this often overwhelming situation.