Other Articles
The bulk of my writing has been on clinical medicine. But I've written on a wide variety of other sciences as well. Here's a sampling of my opinion pieces and articles on consumer medicine, science policy, and such areas as geology, astronomy, and economics.

My most popular article

"Different Minds" (Williams Syndrome) Discover. June 1991.--People with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, show amazing peaks and valleys of ability. Although their IQs are typically between 50 and 70, classifying them as mildly to moderately retarded, many have highly developed linguistic, musical, and interpersonal intelligences, yet they can't make change from a dollar. As soon as this piece appeared I began receiving letters from people saying that they never knew what their child's problem was until they read my article. Since an accurate diagnosis is critical to developing effective treatments for a disorder such as this, I found those letters extremely gratifying. More than a decade after this article was published, it's still one of the most frequently visited online resources on Williams Syndrome.

Opinion Pieces

"N.J. Health Insurers Offer a Laudable Model For Covering Some Costs of Cancer Clinical Trials: Move should increase participation, hasten pace of research" San Francisco Chronicle, January 6, 2000, p. A21

"Will the Internet Kill the Embargo?" H.M.S. Beagle. Vol. 1, Issue 5; posted April 5, 1997.

"Scientists and the News Media Part I: Why It's Good to Talk" H.M.S. Beagle. Vol. 1, Issue 8; posted May 16, 1997.

"Scientists and the News Media Part II: How to Work With Reporters" H.M.S. Beagle. Vol. 1, Issue 10; posted June 13, 1997

"Scientists and the News Media Part III: How to Work With Institutional Public Relations People" H.M.S. Beagle. Vol. 1, Issue 13; posted July 25, 1997

In this series of opinion pieces, I argued that it's important for scientists to talk to the news media, and I advise scientists on how best to work with reporters and with their institutional public relations people.

Consumer Medicine

"Up in Smoke" (latest on the health effects of tobacco and second-hand smoke) Men's Fitness. February 1995.

"Joint of No Return" (elbow injuries) Men's Fitness. January 1995.

"Mega Hurts" (latest in pain research and prevention) Men's Fitness. November 1994.

"The Health-Care Crisis and How to Protect Yourself" Men's Fitness. October, 1994.

"Code Blue" (choosing an emergency room) Men's Fitness. August 1994.

"Spill-proof Skating" (avoiding in-line skating injuries) Men's Fitness. June 1994.

"Fracture Fixers" (bone morphogenetic protein) Men's Fitness. May 1994.

Science Policy

"The Experts Speak" (professors as expert legal witnesses) Engineering & Science. January 1987. (Reprinted in The Expert and the Law, April 1987)

"Surviving the Hard Times in Biotechnology Requires a Broad Outlook" The Scientist. May 1, 1995.

"Layoffs in Biotechnology Signify Growing Pains For an Industry in Transition, Analysts Contend" The Scientist. May 1, 1995.

"Surviving the Hard Times in Biotechnology Requires a Broad Outlook" The Scientist. May 1, 1995.

"Study Finds Gender Disparity Even Among High Achievers In Science" The Scientist. November 13, 1995.

"Michigan State University Patent Dispute Illustrates Changes In Technology Transfer" The Scientist. October 30, 1995.

"Scientists' Heated Debate on Immigration Mirrors Issues Argued Throughout U.S." The Scientist. November 27, 1995.

"Biological Determination of Sexuality Heating Up As A Research Field" The Scientist. January 8, 1996.

"Libel Concerns Are A Reality For Scientists Who Speak Out In Public" The Scientist. March 18, 1996.

"New Animal Care Guide Leaves Details To Scientists' Discretion" The Scientist. July 22, 1996.

"Reports Give Boost To Xenotransplantation As Researchers Wait For Federal Guidelines" The Scientist. August 19, 1996.

"NIH 'Reinventing' An Expanding SBIR Program" The Scientist. October 28, 1996.

"Few Natural Science Classes Affected By Teaching Assistant Strike In Calif." The Scientist. January 6, 1997.

"Suit By 23 Tenured Faculty Members Against USC Illustrates Changes In Biomedical Research Culture" The Scientist. February 3, 1997.

"Biotech Firms Acknowledge Minority Underrepresentation" The Scientist. February 17, 1997.

Other sciences

"Querying by Image Content" IBM Research. Number 3, 1996.

"Exploring Materials In A Simulated World" IBM Research. Number 1, 1996.

"Interesting Times in Geophysics" (the interior of the Earth). Engineering & Science. Spring 1988.

"Potential Planets?" (discovery of a possible planetary system) and "Echoes of the Earth's Core" (mountains and valleys on the core) Engineering & Science. January 1987.

"Smog -- In Bags and Balances" (air quality research) and "One Genome, Fully Deciphered" (mitochondrial DNA) Engineering & Science. November 1986.

"Guessing a Hazard" (earthquake predictions) and "Tracking Stellar Reactions" (fusion research) Engineering & Science. September 1986.

"The Tax Compliance Game" Engineering & Science. March 1986.

"Travels of a Terrane" (plate tectonics) and "The Neuron-Silicon Connection" Engineering & Science. March 1986.

"To Shop or Not to Shop" (experimental economics) and "Comet Composition" (Halley's comet) Engineering & Science. January 1986.

"Ghostbusters!" (The Southern California Skeptics Society) Engineering & Science. May 1985.

"Making Waves" (tsunami research) and "Fly Antibodies and Human Brains: A Marriage of Ideas" Engineering & Science. May 1985.

"The Martians Have Landed" (investigations of meteorites of apparently Martian origin) Engineering & Science. March 1985.

"The W.M. Keck Observatory" Engineering & Science. January 1985.